Notificación de Fondos AmeriCorps 2019-2020


This notice is for AmeriCorps Puerto Rico (AmeriCorps State Grants). These grants are awarded to organizations that propose to place AmeriCorps members solely in Puerto Rico. This notice contains information on the process for applying for 2019 AmeriCorps State Competitive and Formula Grants. PR-CVCS is the Governor’s Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service and is charged with    reviewing, selecting, and administering the AmeriCorps State funds and programs throughout Puerto Rico. PR-CVCS is the state’s resource for volunteer and national service information.

Important Dates

To be considered for funding, a legal applicant must meet all the eligibility criteria as outlined in the eligibility information section of this notice found in Section C. Eligibility Information.

All formula grant applicants are required to submit a Concept paper by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 8, 2018. Final grant applications are due in eGrants by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, 2019.


Application Checklist

  • Full application submitted in eGrants according to Application Instructions
  • Organizational Chart
  • Evaluation Briefs/Reports (based on your evidence tier)
  • Letters of support from partnering organizations (New or Recompeting Intermediaries only)
  • Data Collection Plan
  •  Labor Union Concurrence (If applicant has employees who are part of a labor union or members will be engaging in service that overlaps with labor union work)
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment (new applicants only)
  • Most recent audit or independent financial statement (single audit if org. expends $750,000 0r more of federal assistance)

Other Documents to Review with this Notice


Changes from Prior Year

  • Increased minimum living allowance for a full-time member to $13,992
  • Increased cost per MSY to $15,192
  • Changes in definitions for evidence and evidence quality
  • Requirements to budget $54+ cost of state check for each covered position (member and staff) in anticipation of new vendors
  • Continuation applications can apply for expansion
  • 1200-hour position available
  • Reduction in number of performance measures (continuation and recompete applicants, please check your performance measures are still in use and revise accordingly).

In addition, first-time applicants should be aware that if a grant is approved for funding, the Commission shall require submission of data collection instruments.

As the commission moves towards evidence-based programs, all recompeting applicants must submit an evaluation plan in the “Evaluation Summary or Plan” section of the Narratives field in CNCS’s web-based management system. If a program does not have an evaluation plan, it must provide a timeline for creating one.

All applicants should pay special attention to section E, page 16 of the NOFO.

Lastly, as you develop your application narrative please read the NOFO carefully and thoroughly- points assigned within the narrative sub-criteria have changed.



Contact Iliana Malaret Yordán,

Executive Director of PR-CVCS,

(787)721-7000, ext. 3187/3190

Communications related to this Notice shall be directed to the contact named above. All emails and telephone calls will be returned within a reasonable amount of time. Applicants are encouraged to submit their questions well in advance of the deadline as PR-CVCS is not obligated to respond to questions received 48 hours prior to the due date.




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